So what can we tune?


Primarily the following:


  • STI 2004 – 2014

  • WRX  2002 – 2014

  • Legacy GT 2005-2012

  • Forester XT  2004 – 2013

  • Outback XT 2009 - 2009


  • Mitsubishi EVO X 2008 – 2014

  • Mitsubishi Ralliart 2009 - 2013

  • Mitsubishi Eclipse1997 - 1999


  • Eagle Talon 1997 - 1995

  • Saab 92x 2005 - 2006


  • Nissan's equiped with NISTUNE

Who the hell is this guy?

With so many options out there why choose us?

Simple, because we've been where you are.

We know that at first, you don't know everything and sometimes, you are scared to ask.  Sure, people say they know everything but that's a bold faced lie.

You're also scared of getting ripped off, over paying or worse.


I'm constantly learning intricacies about these cars every single day from people that are WAY smarter than me from all around the world.

Why choose us?

But seriously, why choose us?
Super simple, we don't believe everyone needs a $600 plus Dyno session to tune a stock setup or buy a $700 Device to tune the vehicle.
I estimate that this is the one piece of the puzzle that people need the most yet are scared off by the costs and complexity of the process.
On average, I can save people huge amounts of money while getting the exact same results.  Unless your setup does require the use of a Dyno which just means it's that much more awesome.

Do you know anything about Tuning?

I've been around the tuning world ever since the days of Eclipse Eagle Talon 1g's.  EEPROMs, ostritches, tuning off narrow band 02 voltages, pyrometers, SAFC 1, SAFC 2, Using an ECU meant for another vehicle in a different car, Apexi Power FC, HKS  VPC, DSM Link, Nistune, Cobb, VIPEC, AEM, Open Source, Consult..... The list goes on.  


What do I like the most?  Open source Ecu's and Nistune.

 Bang for the Buck they are the best systems out there without a lot of the bells and whistles that are really cool, but not needed on 90% of the cars out there.


Oh, you think your car is a race car?  

Is it a Tube Chassis? Does it run 10's or faster? Is it making over 500whp?


If you answered no to any of these last questions, I'm sure I can help you.

Yes, Your Car will be safe


The main questions a newbie asks are :


"Is it safe" - Yes, the parameters in your car now are mostly meant to deal with emissions and not your own personal driving enjoyment.  We will be tweaking the settings, like a skilled surgeon performing a routine operation.


"Will it hurt my car" - Most times it'll make it better and prevent problems.  One example is that cars tend to run WAY too rich up top.  This can cause "gas wash" where too much fuel in the combustion chamber actually wipes off the oil on the cylinder walls and scratches your cylinders.  


In other cases, cars may be running too lean up top and more fuel has to be added as is the case with some STI's


"Is it warranty approved" - Short Answer no.  But if for some reason, you have to take the car to the dealer, and you are scared, we can remove the modified map and re-install the stock map that the vehicle came with.  You will hate that map after driving around the modified one, but it'll make you feel warm and fuzzy knowing that the dealer will see the stock map on the ECU if they ever decide to check.


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