Previous Projects

S14.5 Silvia

This was my baby or mistress, whichever way you want to look at it. I ran this car at 350 whp on a stock SR20DET block for almost 2 years while Drifitng, Circuit racing, Autocross, Touge, Time Attack and Drag racing.  This was almost unheard of because these cars are known for having weak ring lands that blew on stock setups.


This thing saw 20 - 25 lbs of boost on a GT2871R for years.

2006 Subaru WRX / STI

So this car was my Daily Driver for years.  I have owned it for 5 years and was basically Stock.


When I got rid of my Silvia, I got bored and started working on this one a little bit more.


Started with a nice tune, then an exhaust, then a tune, then and inter cooler, then a tune, then a CAI, then a tune, then more boost, then a tune, then different plugs, then a tune... you get the picture.


The Stock Turbo ran Great at around 16lbs. This was enough power to break a few transmissions.


I've probably had 100 different maps on the car testing stuff out. 


Favourite ECU mod so far? 

Shooting fire out of the exhaust while waiting to launch the beast with the Two-Step / Launch Control.


Various Other Projects

I've been lucky enough to be around some serious cars for a very long time.


From SR21DET builds, to Rotary's, GTR's, DSM's, I've encountered more problems, issues and cool things than most people will ever see.  I think I've forgotten more things about engines and cars than some people will ever know.

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