MTX Digital Series “Dual Function” Vacuum/Boost & Shift Light (RPM.) One gauge with TWO functions! That’s the perfect solution to help maximize limited space on your dash! The 2 1/16” (52mm) gauge features a water resistant casing, interchangeable faceplates and bezels, locking connectors for simplified installation, and MTS serial connections used to connect with other Innovate devices for logging. 

• Display as either inHG/PSI or BAR (seven-segment) 
• Over Boost Warning (seven-segment) 
• Progressive Shift Light or Single Stage Shift Light (outer LEDs) 

• Gauge (Black Faceplate, Black Bezel) 
• Silver Bezel & White Faceplate 
• Program Cable (Serial) 
• 4-Bar MAP Sensor 
• MAP Accessory Kit, T Fitting, Vacuum Hose, and Zip Ties 
• RPM Harness (6 inch) 
• Quick Start Installation Guide (Full manual on CD) 
• Software CD (LogWorks & LM Programmer) 

MTX-D: MTX Digital Series Vacuum / Boost & Shift Light Gauge Kit - P/N: 3851

SKU: 3851

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