Installation / Engine Building Services

More and more we are being asked by our clients to assist them with their motor swaps.


Having extensive experince in motor swaps, and build and installations from everything from DSMs, S-Chassis', GTRs and Subaru's, our clients have benefited from our knowledge and have had us Diagnose Issues, Prepare full motor swaps and have done countless installations over the years.  


Give us a call if you have any problem and we'll discuss the best way to fix it!


Whether it is something simple like a timing belt replacement, or a double motor swap. We've got all the tools and knowledge to get you back on the road.


Advanced TUNE

This one is my favourite. On most turbo Cars, a 20 - 30 HP increase is easily attainable.


We'll go in and adjust the Timing and AFR's accordingly to make more power. We can also adjust and increase the amount of boost that the car sees and make the turbo work closer to its' peak efficiency island.


Basically, we'll work with the limits of the stock components and give you the best possible performance for the vehicle.


This option is a little more tailored so we expect things like an Exhaust, Intake, etc.

Serious TUNE

SO this is where things start to get interesting. On most turbo Cars, a 50 - 100 HP increase is easily attainable. Really?  Hell Ya!


This one is for the guys that start changing a lot of stuff like putting in bigger injectors, Turbos, turn up the boost,  want to adjust AVCS, want more aggressive tunes or AFR's, need a MAF re-scaled,  can deal with light maintenance and come back multiple time for follow-ups and checkups to see how the car is performing.


This option is meant for a SERIOUS enthusiast that knows what they are doing, just needs a little guidance or advice on how to maximize the setup.



This is the Grand Daddy of them all.


You bring your setup, we strap your car to the Dyno, we tune it for maximum safe torque.  

The goal here is to maximize your setup and make your ride be all it can be.


How much power you want to make is only limited by your goals and budget.


This one is the best option. Though we do not believe it is needed for  the majority of our target market.

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